Frank Trimarchi is a young artist living in Sydney with a fresh focus and academic understanding about fine art photography. He situates his work around the places and objects that intrigue him and that he encounters throughout his day, often using them as materials or subject matter for his work.

Frank likes to work with both digital and traditional film formats while working on photographic works, as well as experimenting with installation pieces, video and painting to achieved his desired outcome for a piece. Constantly wanting to learn, he aims to complete postgraduate study while continuing to work on his art.


2016 - Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Photography and Situated Media, UTS

2011 - Diploma of Business (Public Relations)


2016 - Honours
           Alaksa Projects, Sydney

2016 - City of Sydney's Australian Life Award Finalist [God's Tear's - Gold Room]
           Hyde Park, Sydney

2015 - Spectacle
           Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

2015 - 08.07.15
           Home@735 Art Gallery, Sydney

2015 - Paramor Art Prize - Finalist [God's Tear's and Untitled Series (Specimen)]
           Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

2015 - RAW Presents: Visionary 
           Manning Bar, University of Sydney

2014 - Subtext
           Central Park, Sydney

2013 - I Want My Mum To Come  (invitation design)
           McGlade Gallery, Australian Catholic University

2013 - PSM x SMD presents S.O.S.
           Design Lab, University of Technology, Sydney

2013 - The Digital Image
           Fraser Studios, Chippendale

2012 - Alternate Realities
           Fraser Studios, Chippendale